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The idea of the "Beers N' Ears" party came from an event held at the National American Legion Convention in Minneapolis in the late 60's. The sweet corn was cooked by an old fashioned Steam Engine. The Corn was Husked and placed on a conveyor belt at one end. As it moved along the conveyor, it entered the steam chamber of the engine and was cooked. It then came out of the chamber and dropped into a vat of butter. I'm trying to track down some photo's of the event. My dad, Elmer Iversen, a Legionnaire for 50 years was at the convention. He later held a Beers and Ears party of his own in the mid 70's at the American Legion post in Hermosa, South Dakota. We all ate like pigs - it was a blast.

The next Beers N' Ears party was held in Jefferson in 1999 to celebrate the implementation of JDE - the Rock for Gateway. I miscalculated the growing season and held the party in July before the corn was mature.

In 2000, we celebrated another Gateway success (though temporary) - the Implementation of One and Done.

In 2001, the theme changed. There was no big Gateway project to celebrate, so we implemented a Charity theme. This was also the first year of the t-shirt. The proceeds from the T-shirt sales raised $400 for the Lupus foundation - Kansas City chapter.

The 2002 party was for the benefit of Hospice of Siouxland for the many good services they provide to those folks at the end of their lives. The party was well attended and t-shirt sales were brisk. We raised $901 for the Hospice organization.

The Big Sioux Chapter of the Alzheimers organization was named as the 2003 Beers and Ears Charity. Nearly $1,000 was donated to their organization from proceeds of the event.

In 2004, the location moved to the White Horse Saloon in Jefferson. The Autism Support Group of Siouxland was the charity. Not only did the location change, the fundraising effort added an auction. Nearly $2,000 was raised between the t-shirt sales and the auction.

This charity for 2005 was the Siouxland Community Blood Bank. We raised about $4,000 which was used toward the purchase of a double red cell machine.

In 2006 the charity was once again the Hospice of Siouxland, but this year the $6,200 raised benefitted the Grief Counseling program for children.

In 2007, the recipient of the proceeds was the June E Nylen Cancer Center. We were fortunate to be able to donate $7,860.

In 2008, the event was attended by 183 people and raised $9,000 for Support Siouxland Soldiers

In 2009, the event was attended by 165 people and raised $12, 500 for Children’s Comfort Care.

In 2010, there were two recipients.  The Boys and Girls Home of Sioux City and The Children's Home of Sioux Falls.  They shared $11,181.

In 2011, the Foodbank of Siouxland - Backpack Program was the recipient of $18,653.

In 2012, the Salvation Army of Siouxland was the recipient of $12,531.